Friday, December 16, 2005

Maybe this time...

With winter here and all this talking of sweaters I am really tempted to try my hand at one.
Most of the patterns I have looked at (even the beginners) look....well complicated.
Here comes the doubts... maybe I just hsve not been knitting long enough or have just not learned enough?

Ok I feel somewhat better now.
Time to go back and look at those patterns again. Well the pics anyway.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Staring at a blinking bar

Well I have retaught myself how to knit. My mother tried to teach me several times, but was so use to the motions of needle and yarn that when she would slow down to show me she herself had to remember how she did what she did. So now armed with a grandmother's collection of needles I embark to learn more than just knit and purl.

I have at this point already finished several beginners projects: scarves, 2 hats, shawl, 2 hip scarves, shrug.
I also have a few(smiles) projects in the works.