Monday, June 29, 2009

Out of my ever lovin mind

OK this Tea Party Top is easy, a piece of cake. Everything in the instructions I have done before hundreds of times. Cast ons, knit , purl, decreases, bind offs, slip sts on to holder, etc.


OK sorry about that, but I feel better. The mistakes have been of the "not paying attention" verity. I have also needed to put it down to keep a particular little girl from doing various things that she should not be doing.

(playing with cords, poking laptop screens, petting the cat to eagerly, putting wipes in mouth, running away with the yarn mommy is knitting with, etc)

You begin with 4 rows of Garter st, well on the last 10 sts of the 4th row I decided to purl. ???? huh???

Rip back, OK got that straightened out, now onto the St st. Good 75 sts, good...

Finished another 2 inches and noticed that a few stitches an inch down don't look like lovely V's with their base open. No their bases are crossed. Damn.

Tink back those sts and fix them so they are proper knit V's.

Count sts, still have 75 sts :)

Got through about an inch, then was forced by my daughter to put it down mid-row to chase her down and pull carpet fuzzies out of her mouth.

(an inch later)

Wait a minute..what is that funny hole??? AHHH!!!

Ripped back to find out that when I picked up my knitting, after fishing around Lynn's mouth, that I never finished the row. I just turned it around and knitted back across the aforementioned unfinished row.

I knitted a few rows last night and so far (searching for wood to knock on) can't see any problems. I even still have 75 sts.

I have measured it and it is just 6 inches, so if I can keep going without any more mistakes for another 3 inches then I can start to shape the yoke.

Fingers crossed :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Oh I love free things!

I love finding new knitters blogs. Darcy's Knotty Knitter is one that I found from a fellow twitter knitter, and there is a free giveaway going on right now here. There are little sock stitch markers and a "socks rule" gauge keyring. All made from bamboo, just so cute. Maybe I can win them humm. It would be nice.

Projects so far:
  • I am getting farther along on the Tea Party Top by Lion Brand. I have had to rip it out a few times too many. Pictures later when I start to do the decreases for the yoke. Thankfully I am making it larger so it will fit my little one next summer.
  • Monteagle Bag is not going anywhere until I can get the right size needles. I still like holding the yarn though, is that bad.
  • Have to start the second "plain vanilla" sock before I start my next sock project. It is really hard now not to start more socks since I bought 'Socks from the Toe Up' by Wendy D. Johnson. Pretty lace designs, no must finish second sock first. (I need to learn to do two at once)
  • The Barn Raising Quilt is rambling right along.
Well I better get back to knitting.