Sunday, April 20, 2008

New Yarn

My hubby asked me what I would like for my very first Mother's Day. Of course there were things I wanted, like audiobooks, appliances, etc.. but when would I get to enjoy them. Having a one month old keeps me busy and I am having trouble finishing the audiobook I started just before she was born.
I kinda forgot about looking for a gift.
I was checking e-mail and had a new one from Knit Picks. They have three new yarn samplers for spring. I was drooling over the pretty colors. I mentioned to hubby that I would love to get two of the samplers, and could I order them. (we have a rule any purchase, other than things like gas, over $20 and we have to talk to the other person about it)
He thought about it and sure, then as I was punching in my order he said "Happy Mother's Day"

The samplers come with 6 different yarns, one skein each. So I picked the Renaissance and the Victorian colorways, they both come with patterns to use with those yarns, which for me is a good thing. I pretty much never know what to do with one skein. (even though I do have the book One Skein)

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Here's Lynn

Ok my other sock is not going to get done anytime soon.

Yup I had my baby. On March 22nd at 1:46am. She is so cute, my husband is holding her right now and giving me a chance to get online and check up on things. So I just wanted to post something of an update :)