Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A lotion with knitters in mind

I was over at
How "Happy Hands" Happened

I originally formulated Happy Hands for myself, after I tried -- and failed! -- to find a commercial product that worked for me.

Up here in the high mountain desert, dry hands are a year-round problem. I needed a creamy lotion that would deeply moisturize & soften my hands, but absorb quickly and NOT leave a greasy residue on my hands that would transfer to my knitting. And of course, it had to smell wonderful!

It took me a year to work out this formula: a lotion that is so very thick and creamy so you only need a small dollop, quickly absorbed, nourishing and moisturizing with NO greasy residue; and glossy pure white, because I don't want to add any artificial colors to my products.

Once I got the exact formula & feel that I wanted, I discovered that all my friends wanted Happy Hands, too ... So I've decided to try it out in my Etsy store.

I thought since I have heard quite a few knitters mutter now and then about dry hands, this might be a good thing to post here.

So check out and enter the *Giveaway* . Also check out the esty shop because she has other great things on there too.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Project list time

It is time to list my WorkInProgress. OK it is more like Work(s)InProgress.
  • Corkscrew Scarf (for Christmas present)
  • Hearts and Flowers Socks (taking a slight snooze)
  • Tea top (on hold for charity knitting)
  • Charity scarves (trying to finish 10 before December rolls around)
  • Market Monteagle Bag (Hibernating)
I had two other sock projects that I have frogged. One because the yarn is just not working for me as socks. As for the other one, the "On-Hold" pattern would look better with another yarn I have in my stash.

The Monteagle Bag will not be frogged or forgotten. The yarn is fine, the pattern is not that complicated , everything about it is a "thumbs up" for me. I just have to pay attention to which stitch gets knitted through back and front, and which gets dropped on the next round.

I will do the pattern up to the point where I have to drop stitches, then I count and I am off by a stitch or two, which means something went wonky. So that will have to be knitted when there is no wee one around that needs to be watched, and there is nothing pressing that needs my attention.

The charity scarf assembly line is chugging right along. As I am using stash to make all ten, I have all the yarn for this project lined up already to go. There are two finished at this point, and the third is half done. I am sticking with a simple garter stitch, but slipping the first stitch of every row. Great travel project for me to take along where ever I go.

My daughters Tea top WILL be finished in time for her to wear it next year. I mean all I have to do is knit back and sew the sides together. Plus I even have enough of the yarn to make two tops. It will get done in time. I am not pushing it back to the last minute. It is just on hold until I get the aforementioned scarves done.

Hearts and Flowers socks are taking a snooze until I can determine if I am happy with the pattern turning out smaller with the Malabrigo sock yarn I am using. That may not happen until I take it to the LYS and have some other knitters look at it and give me there opinion on the matter. I have no problem with ripped out every stitch if I find out that the pattern will not open more, no matter what I do.

Now the Corkscrew scarf, well that is just a breeze to do. In fact I had to stop myself from starting another pattern repeat to write this. The actual twist of this scarf is achieved by working on half the stitches doing short row repeats. If you are wary of short rows this scarf is good practice for the Wrap & Turn you have to do.

OK that is all for this project update post. You all have a good week end.