Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A lotion with knitters in mind

I was over at
How "Happy Hands" Happened

I originally formulated Happy Hands for myself, after I tried -- and failed! -- to find a commercial product that worked for me.

Up here in the high mountain desert, dry hands are a year-round problem. I needed a creamy lotion that would deeply moisturize & soften my hands, but absorb quickly and NOT leave a greasy residue on my hands that would transfer to my knitting. And of course, it had to smell wonderful!

It took me a year to work out this formula: a lotion that is so very thick and creamy so you only need a small dollop, quickly absorbed, nourishing and moisturizing with NO greasy residue; and glossy pure white, because I don't want to add any artificial colors to my products.

Once I got the exact formula & feel that I wanted, I discovered that all my friends wanted Happy Hands, too ... So I've decided to try it out in my Etsy store.

I thought since I have heard quite a few knitters mutter now and then about dry hands, this might be a good thing to post here.

So check out and enter the *Giveaway* . Also check out the esty shop because she has other great things on there too.

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