Monday, November 19, 2007

Yeah I know

Well I have been very busy as of late. My husband got a new job in Sept., and we knew it would involve a move to somewhere at least 2 hours away from where we were living . Not a problem.
A week after he accepted this job I found out I was pregnant. So we have moved and the wee one is due April 2nd. This is our first so it is going to be interesting.

If that is not enough of an excuse as to why I have not posted well tough.
I have been stressed out and have cried for no reason, and I really don't like the cry part.
I know there is nothing to cry about at the time, but I can't make myself stop anyway. My poor husband would come home and I would give him a hug and about five minutes later would be blubbering like a baby. Ah what fun this is going to be. I am really happy to be pregnant even if it may seem other wise.

Monday, March 12, 2007

OK I am about to go back to work for the season (some of my fellow coworkers and I go on unemployment because of a visitation slump during the winter) and I am almost done with my afghan. I now have 11 stripes in it, I doubt at this time I will add anymore stripes. Yeah we will see.
I have started yet again another shawl, and I am a little scared that I may not have enough yarn to finish. The pattern is a very odd pattern to me. It is not because it is in another language, or because I have decided to be inventive and change the pattern. No you see there was no gauge given, and under the heading materials only three things were listed: size 11 knitting needles, 8 ounces knitting worsted, large-eyed tapestry needle. Keeping mind that there is fringe involved and I could forgo that if need be to finish the shawl. The other thing is I can not just go out and by more yarn.... the yarn being used is the gifted yarn I talked about in a previous post(5/06).
I had promised myself that I would start new projects out of the knitting magazines I have. The problem is right now my husband and I are saving for a moving trip. Most of the yarn I want for the projects are nice but not necessarily priced for my budget. So I need to get my butt down to my local yarn shop and see what substitutes can be made. Yes I have been putting off going to buy yarn, mainly because there are always things I just gotta have. So it is very easy for me to go over budget. So I will probably wait until I go back to work. But it is not like I don't have any yarn that I can use for other things.
Oh yeah I keep forgetting to post pictures of my projects. I will have to see what I do and do not have pictures for. Oh well.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Oh Look at the date.......oops!

Ok, This is sad, I have not posted for a long time. But I have finished projects:)
The last knitting project I talked about is not has nothing to do with me not working on it. I finished all the original color stripes, but I decided that it was not long enough. So I will be adding on at most 4 more colors (I think anyway).
I have started a Draft Blocker for our front door. It will have to be felted after I finish knitting it, and that will be a first for me. So I will be keeping my fingers crossed during that process.