Thursday, July 10, 2008


OK cuffs on socks suck, I mean really. Other than for when wearing them during winter.
Needless to say I will need to do some sort of pattern when it comes to the cuffs on my next pair. Anybody know a good pattern that isn't a lace pattern. Doesn't have to be simple, if push comes to shove I'm sure I can find something in the Stitchionary books.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

So I am still working on the ribbing for the cuff of the first sock, but the yarn I bought for my husbands socks is looking so I will not start another project...nope.
OK yeah keeping the yarn out doesn't help, well neither does stroking it.
This has nothing to do with the color husband likes gray.
But that doesn't really matter, he said if I made them he will wear them....actually wear them.
Yes I know I could be creating a hand knit addicted sock man, but he said he would wear them.

I just have to finish my socks first.....yup.