Monday, March 12, 2007

OK I am about to go back to work for the season (some of my fellow coworkers and I go on unemployment because of a visitation slump during the winter) and I am almost done with my afghan. I now have 11 stripes in it, I doubt at this time I will add anymore stripes. Yeah we will see.
I have started yet again another shawl, and I am a little scared that I may not have enough yarn to finish. The pattern is a very odd pattern to me. It is not because it is in another language, or because I have decided to be inventive and change the pattern. No you see there was no gauge given, and under the heading materials only three things were listed: size 11 knitting needles, 8 ounces knitting worsted, large-eyed tapestry needle. Keeping mind that there is fringe involved and I could forgo that if need be to finish the shawl. The other thing is I can not just go out and by more yarn.... the yarn being used is the gifted yarn I talked about in a previous post(5/06).
I had promised myself that I would start new projects out of the knitting magazines I have. The problem is right now my husband and I are saving for a moving trip. Most of the yarn I want for the projects are nice but not necessarily priced for my budget. So I need to get my butt down to my local yarn shop and see what substitutes can be made. Yes I have been putting off going to buy yarn, mainly because there are always things I just gotta have. So it is very easy for me to go over budget. So I will probably wait until I go back to work. But it is not like I don't have any yarn that I can use for other things.
Oh yeah I keep forgetting to post pictures of my projects. I will have to see what I do and do not have pictures for. Oh well.

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