Monday, November 19, 2007

Yeah I know

Well I have been very busy as of late. My husband got a new job in Sept., and we knew it would involve a move to somewhere at least 2 hours away from where we were living . Not a problem.
A week after he accepted this job I found out I was pregnant. So we have moved and the wee one is due April 2nd. This is our first so it is going to be interesting.

If that is not enough of an excuse as to why I have not posted well tough.
I have been stressed out and have cried for no reason, and I really don't like the cry part.
I know there is nothing to cry about at the time, but I can't make myself stop anyway. My poor husband would come home and I would give him a hug and about five minutes later would be blubbering like a baby. Ah what fun this is going to be. I am really happy to be pregnant even if it may seem other wise.

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