Saturday, April 08, 2006

Well I still have not gone out and gotten the yarn needed to start the simple sweater.

I have gone out and bought yarn don't get me wrong.... just dragging my feet a little on this one, like I normally do.
I guess it has to all do with gauge, I don't like doing gauge, but I know that if make something that you want to fit a normal human form you better do a gauge swatch first.

I like taking a pattern and casting on and slowly something takes shape out of just yarn and two sticks.
I love the whole creation process, I will almost always knit something according to the pattern at least once so I know how it is suppose to come out and look. After that well then I "tweak" away until I like what I see.

Since I have not been knitting long I don't always know when things are a necessary part of the the design and what is flexible.
I will say it does not take me long to figure out when I have done something very wrong.

Maybe after the sweater I will do a pair of socks...... I will admit that I told my husband that I could only end up doing one sock and not getting to the next one especially if I do not like the process...... I hope that won't be the case.

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