Sunday, October 19, 2008

Time well spent relaxing

So I did think that having a baby would to some degree inhibit my knitting. At least at for the first year or so.

Granted the time I spend knitting has shortened, but I am still able to get projects finished.
So I have reserved my knitting time from about 8 pm till when I decide to go to bed.
That means I get to enjoy a project really. OK projects, plural... I mean there is nothing wrong with having multiple projects on the needles. Every knitter does it. I don't care if they do deny it.

Somewhere there is a project that was put down for some reason. You know, hidden in a box, or in the back of your closet. Even in the garage, or storage, etc. (there can be many excuses valid points for this)
Maybe something went horrible wrong with the pattern, the gauge, the fiber, your sanity. I mean there is nothing wrong with that. Or that is what I keep telling myself.

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