Friday, March 20, 2009


The haunting question:
I have knitting on the needles, so why am I not knitting?

My husband does not have to ask that question, I am already asking it myself. The only reason I can come up with is the needles I am using are not the size I want to be using. Not the yarn, not the pattern, not the objects their selves, just the needle size.

The projects in question are socks, and I feel they will come out better on size 1 needles. Which mm size 1 needles I haven't figured out yet. The previous knitted socks that have come off my needles are fine, but there is just a nagging feeling that these socks over all would feel a little better if done to a smaller knit. So the urge to rush down to a LYS and by some is strong. I would need dpn's and two circulars. I did after all make goal to get more projects done this year.


I know what lengths, what material they should be. Of course there is a slight brand preference.
What knitter does not have needle preference. Get a group of us together and we can debate, knitting style, needles, yarns, etc, like no body's business. Granted I like this, as long as people don't get to defensive over "their" way, that is after all how I have stumbled up new ways to do things.

So those socks are going to stay on their current needles until I get some time, with out the little one, to go and peruse the yarn shop with the time and enthusiasm that one should. (Besides I haven't gotten that far along on the sock anyway)

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