Tuesday, April 14, 2009

An Easter gift

The family packed up and headed down to my parents this Easter Sunday. Traffic was good so it didn't take to long, and thankfully Lynn slept almost the whole way.
We stopped at Colonial Williamsburg to see my mother since she was working that day. Lynn got a behind the scene look at a spinning wheel, which she had great fun turning.

Am I trying to get her addicted to fiber crafts at an early age? Not really, but she does tend to think the tools are fun to play with.

We head to my parents house for dinner, which was yummy. My mom gave Reed and I the usual bag of candy. Lynn won't get any until next year, she gets hyper and then really cranky after eating sugar.

My mother and I got to talking and before you know it she was telling me she had some of grandma's needles. Oh and would I like some. I restrained myself from yelling "Hell ya!".
So on top of some yummy chocolate I got needles for Easter.

The green and blue ones are US size 2 (2.75mm)
And these are elusive size US 1 (2.25mm). I have been eyeing needles of this size online for a while now. For some reason I could find plenty of 2.50mm, but not many 2.25mm. Go figure.

So I am jumping for joy. My husband said if he didn't understand the reason behind my excitement he would be telling to "shut up already". I take that to mean that I need to calm down soon because if I carry on much longer he will.

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