Monday, February 20, 2006

Just rambling

Well I finished my scarf. It is not as wide as I would like, but it is my first attempt.
I am always happy to finish a project that is new and different than anything else I have done so far.
But at the same time I am sad especially when I was having so much fun during the project.
I just love knitting, the whole process. I love 'playing' with all the colors and textures of yarn, the feel and sound of the needles.

Well, I will be getting some more circular needles for the Gunnister Cap. I can't seem to get the stitches tight enough on the double pointed needles so there are no gaps. I'm not upset I just think I should try doing this project on circular needles.

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Jeanie said...

Hi Barbara! I need your email address to send you an invite to the Sexy Knitters Club.