Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Back in the groove

So I am now back to knitting happily away after a freak garlic chopping accident last Friday. I cut the tip of my left pointer finger and wanted to make sure no stitches were needed. So off to the doctor I went with my eight month old in tow. No stitches. The nurse did give me a tetanus vaccine shot though in the same arm. I was so sore this past weekend that hardly anything got done. Needless to say I will be going back to only grating garlic from now on.

Don't get me wrong my finger is still sore, but not enough to prevent me from knitting. Since I saw a video on youtube of the YarnHarlot speed knitting I realized I really need to finish this pair of socks I have been working on. OK Stephanie is only knitting the way she normally does, but it is still alot faster than me none the less. So back to getting those socks finished, I mean I only have like 7 other pairs of socks to get done. Fortunatly they are gifts so no real deadline pressure. Whew!

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